Balance of Brains

The left and right sides of each brain works in different ways. The best use of both is the best. However, there is a bias against right brains, analyzed by left-brained men, researchers that contradict to the truth and also to the fact in social recession today.

@Right brains: horizontal, visual, and picture are for well-organized, if CLEAR w/o bad emotion/sensual. @Left brains: vertical, logic, and words are for qualitative control, if DELICATE w/o ignorance/inertia.

One Bias: Both can be analysts in different ways but same results, if the same line. Emotion/sensual in right brains and ignorance/indecision in left brains can be negative points on an important decision.


The fact is that judging/managing today failed more, PARADOX to more managers with high scores and more words or linear. This represents imbalanced and incompetent brains and Right brains, the key is ignorant.

One Note to most researchers, left brains: Well-Organized results from horizontal, visual, and picture, right brains rather than yours. And both brains tend to judge intuitively, if below the line and without thinking, working brains. See !!! the evidence, the more FACT, the worse judgementThe reseacher summerized that left brain is well-organized with thinking and judging w/o intuition/emotion.  

Let’s Balance the Brains— Clear visual on sharp details OR circumspect analysis with value-added



Ref/Fact : Davinci, HM the King  

Analyzed by an original thinker and the truth 


P.S. Art and Science are not meant to exactly subjects of EDU but Water-Earth, High-Wide, or Horizontal-Vertical.   

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