The Dog Days


Dogs can know right from wrong; Men can know wrong from right


Researchers in Animal Farm proved that social animals, in particular dogs, have a sense of morality, as well as humans.    

Special senses: Nose and Ear. They need to sniff things to tell them apart and differentiate sounds to know the fact. However, Eyes & Mouth are poor but quick so things like Red/Food kick eyes/mouth immediately.   

This is not spoken with a rising tone but abusing and taking exploitation. Human says right even aggressive sometime like shouting at a barking dog. If ones let a dog bite a girl and cry for her bad luck, they are mean or afraid of dog. 

Clever or Sanroo to please a boss. Dogs can learn not only rules but behaves to please a boss, good or bad that make bosses slave to it. Dog is dogged having a mouth as weapon, competitiveness.

Its Sanroo melts your heart to feed it; it has no heart.  Fear of punishment, not guilt, the reason for dogs’ slinking behaviors is the same as Human.

Loyalty for food. Dogs pay loyalty for Food and give Food for more Food. Dog in the manager lures others by food and dream but he wants slaves for bigger farm, more factories, more productivity for itself, GREED.

Dogs never give back to the bosses and right directions for societies.   

The Dog Days, a burning point, are hot and heat humanity only. Animal Farm still move on Dogma.


Dogs and Men are equal in a sense of morality.



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