Greed is Great


Sensual pleasure of GREED represents a hungry dog.


Greed is still leading the world today. Big Dog, Son of Greed becomes powerful and uncontrollable because most people feed it too much. Tiger, a great hunter is rare, so we live in a dog-eat-human world. 

Greed as a hunter for short term gain

The game of Dog is quick, touchable for short sales and instant money that makes dog popular as “the Predator in the fight”. But big Greed, w/o Responsibility and self-control is dangerous. A Hot Cake, finally, offsets to cost of fire rampage, Greed itself.  

The lip service: Customer or Money is God. 

Trained dog is very attractive, less noise and smell among blind and mute businessmen for lip-service. (someone likes Hia, much sweeter and sexier)  Americans have nothing but English; Thais have everything but English. Red Dot, a dog takes All from 2 Buffs’.  (หมาคาบไปแดก)    

Empower Dog to attack and bite others.

In civility, LAW charges Dog and its owner for bullying and cheating but in Animal Farm, free dogs, no law, no man, Dog is the lead. Human beg Dog some food and space from own Farm, own resources, and own country.   

Animal Farm goes to the dogs since Dog gain power. It takes Dollars, It takes Oil, It takes Gas, It takes ALL  for My GREED only. To survive and keep civility, Free Fight is needed. Humans have to fight dogs and order cattle to work. 


Do not feed Dog; Take Food and Farm back to human.




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