Big is Ugly

Big Pig is a fatty beast or what we call wealth, fund, or Son of Selfishness”. At this moment, this God creation seems perfect in wisdom since he was the anointed by High priest that made him believe he was God. Thinking himself to be wise, he became a fool and tries to down the earth. 

IN FAT, pig is good at saving a limited fund as a servant. He is bigger from a Dot or bubble from small Fund since placing out of lands and responsibilities. Then he is consuming everything in this world—lands, oils, gas, etc. The Bigger, The Smaller and Poorer… 

FAT seems sweet and soft in common but BIG drives it crazy in particular as a third party or judgments—teacher, judge, Organizational Behaviors. He sets himself against and down human such as barking, downing his scores, turning right to wrong. Four Legs is Good; Two Legs is Bad

Pig Father is cruel and hates Humanity to Divinity. To set Animal Farm, he puts human in bottom because he knows that human is HIGH even younger, weaker, or less property then bring the worst beast, dull but aggressive buffalo to control the entire Farm. If really Big and High, he is giving and down-to-earth.    

Super-Stereotype: Big-Small, Waste-Wealth, Fat-truth. He killed “Son of God” proposing the Nobel Prize to save the world: Pigs and Dogs compensate to human in 2003 so the world has never got A Right Solution until today.   If BIG is beautiful, why the world is uglier and dirtier?    

Feathered Picture from “Animal Farm”

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