Let’s Dance, Jagger

My ego is big
bigger than head and heart.

Just shoot for the stars, if you feel right
beautiful words but wrong direction, Jagger !!!

Baby it’s hard
defend yourself, left.

Nothing feels right
and defend for your non-direction, right.

You want to steer but I’m shifting gear
I let you shift gear and hold power by my direction.  

I’ll take it and it goes like this
you take it and betray me by nature.    

When you’re with me, I make you believe.
That I’ve got the key
stay with your key and EGO, Goodbye!!!


In a party, when each in particular a party manager meets a lizard, how you know and handle him as well as organize a party. By not knowing, ignorant manager trends to make worse, when it comes to organizing.  

Let’s dance with Jagger. They usually entertain people by tongues and jag, sweet to funny. If they try to eat crap and personal, set your rythme quicker than usual, and not too closed to them. He/she is the expert of making dirt to disaster by little crap.

Judge is his poison. When his ego is big and starts to judge others and you, it is a warning signal. Do not wait a buff’ manager, empowering the lizard to buffalo you, just move. An organizer, above the line does not allow a lizard in judging. If missing, he pays back soon and unconditionally.        

Stop, when aggression to bully. If a lizard is aggressive, stop him one way, one time only, and leave or kill it ASAP like facing a dangerous snake. Exchanging bullying with food is a game of buff’ to be a toxic culture.   

Party of parties. To see lizards for sure is The Government House, a debate club, or among lawyers as working by tongues and then following by missed management. The show takes a long long time and tongues. Ones enjoying the show through the end get a black magic surely.  

Otherwise, hot and cool in JACK is different from heat and cold in lizard. And lizard is in hi to lo by Cap-classification and hi to low EDU, so a good manager is managing self before managing others. By not knowing, we lost more and more good manners to be missed managers and then poor organizers soon.  

The highest, the most poisonous. Poisonous Lizard is a fruit of a poor organizer rather than his own toxin. Who choose, vote, empower even abuse him to abuse others have to take responsible for own low vision in higher position— from ignorance to irresponsibility, missed mgt. to poor org.  


  Learn more about his close friends: water monitor, going with the flow


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