Rising Thaiger


An amazing story inThailandamid the financial crisis, 1997…
  On the lonely way managing by a Pig, A rising star brings the light to us… 


Unbelievable, a monk initiated and held the GREAT project called “Help the Nation”. No one knew where his idea came from, the air, responsibility, or pure knowing. After reborn, he spent the rest of his life raising GOLD to rescue the country from the crisis. His thought became true, bigger and wider. 

Surprisingly, he was an honored monk who lived simply in a small temple in Udon Thani, North East of Thailand. Money and Material including sacred rituals were never in his focus. In particular, his health wasn’t good to do anything– ailment with serious accident and ageing.   


Amazingly, most Thais from the King to farmers donated GOLD to the project. His roadshow all over Thailand gathered Large sacrifice to Great sacrificer w/o FM, MM, CEO or 600 BOX. Later on “Klangluang for posterity” was set to be safe from Politicians and ran until his Nirvana, 2010. Total Gold was about 12 tones. 

Otherwise, my Thiger died of fear after the crisis. The thaiger who controlled everything in the forest perfectly and would not control the future FACT. While, King of Thaigers got the truth and could TAKE the way OUT, high EDU is still studying but not knowing and creating words but no solution (After Capitalism, wake me up, All duties are yours). 

Sadly, the young but old, the best FM of The Banker sold Thai Banks and Lands to Foreign Funds for (award+XXX-tra) food and showed Kindergarten Policies unashamed to the public.  No Value-added project is started to solve the problems until today. 

There is nothing under water, Ring out rubbish and Ring in new YOU.
Hope to see EU-US upswing in 2012 by VALUE.


More about the one Breaking Dawn: http://www.creativemove.org/index.php/2012/01/breaking-dawn/

Features Image from www.123rf.com


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