Thai Fight 2011

“It’s my Time” Afraid of Fire but shocked by Water,Thailand is filled by water almost everywhere. We know water more than ever—water is flexible and equal in any condition, flowing from high to low soon and water is an invisible fighter by nature, not intention. However, the winners are human, Thaigers. 

“Thai style” is unique. We ease troubles and comfort each other by entertaining and so never commit suicide even nothing left. Sometimes, we can’t stand seeing many people staying home on the roof without anything to survive. Therefore, abundant helps and stuffs flow from the King, other nations (except Red DOT and Red DOG), and Thais to Thais. 

“We love soldiers” Thai woman may look silly like greeting unmanly men, “Simi” style. In the crisis, however, strong and helpful soldiers, the true men win our hearts both men and women. Warning!!! to Thai men trying to sell this idiot look, ugly in leading roles, we both are kind, not stupid.    

“Live and Loss” Water is a freedom of water monitor lizards, chocs, snakes, and electricity to bite or to kill people. Water also wakes up a fighting spirit to hunt or to survive. Chance for Live and Loss is equal. Refugee camps are everywhere and moving. Any material is gone with the flow total about 1.1 trillion Baht and 752 deaths . 

“Water in mind” When it comes to heart, no nation comparing to wealth can win Thais. We just hope Thais utilize more brains for working so we will not always follow the trend and solve problems day by day. We end 2011 with the show. Thai boxing is crowded with fighting spirits to remind who we are.  

Flood in Frams:

Thai Fight Show:


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